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Beeing in a 2 mom family myself, I would love to be a part of getting more LGBTQ+ content out there, to represent, to normalize and to spread understanding and acceptance.

One of my ultimate goals is to get more LGBTQ+ themed childrensbooks into this world. I have already made one, but I would love to make many, many more! 

I am really exited to start this Patreon family with you guys and I will be uploading all sorts of content for us, like: 

- Podcast

- Livestream drawing dates

- Behind the scenes from my art-studi

- Q&A sessions

- Studio tours 

- Sketchbook tours 

- Polls on the book 

- And much, much, more!

I will give away keepable and printable artworks every month on some of my tiers. You can also participate in making decisions for my upcoming book (!!!) and get my latest book as a PDF. 

"Ok, cool Nille, but how does this all work!?" 

By becoming one of my lovely rainbow-patrons you will be a part of actually making these LGBTQ+ books, comics and illustrations, and make them become a reality! 

If you want to support me, you can choose a pledge here on this page, and do not worry, you can edit or cancel your pledge at any time. 

Your support means A LOT to me, so I will make good content and never miss my pledges! If you join even for one month (THANK YOU, thank you, thank you), you will be able to check out my content from the beginning of my Patreon.

Do not worry if you can not pledge, any form of support (reading my comics, sharing my illustrations and watching my videos) is a HUGE help to me aswell. I draw illustrations and comics that I post on instagram, and make videos for my youtube channel so you can follow me there as well <3 

Thank you so much for stopping by, and welcome to our wonderful little rainbow family! <3

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For as long as I can remember, drawing and sketching have been among my favorite pastime activities. I have since been fortunate enough to turn it into a career, making my living as a professional Comic Book Illustrator since 2023. Take a look at some of my illustrations to get a better idea of the type of work I do. If you’d like to learn more about my collections or a specific piece, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Netflix & Chill



🌟 You will be one of those amazing people that are making sure that there are more LGBTQI+ books in this world, that focus on love!!

🌟 Be in on seeing the process of making these Lgbtqi+ books, comics and illustrations, and seeing them come to life. 

  • Supporting the books!

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Mindy's Moccasins



🌟 You get access to early sketches and drawings!

🌟 Pluss I'll add you to my "Close Friends" list on 
Instagram stories so you will get access to extra art
and be a fly on the wall of my art-studio, see exclusive 
"drawing warmups" and sketches. 

🌟You'll get random awesome surprizes like studio tours, sketchbook tours, vlogs, Q&As, exclusive speed paints, behind the scenes, insights, podcast, inspirations and more!  

  • Vlogs, podcasts, Speed paints

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Roboto's Revenge



🌟 Exclusive art!
You get everything from the previous tiers

🌟 A new keepable, printable (JPG) artwork 
 every single month!!! 

🌟 You will also get exclusive updates and discount codes for my store 

  • Printable artwork

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Netflix & Chill



🌟 Vote on what you want to see in my books! 
In addition to previous rewards you get to vote on decisions for my new books! 

🌟A PDF version of my children's book "The wish", perfect for the Ipad!

🌟You get access to a LIVE DRAWING SESSION once a month! You'll be able to ask me questions and I'll share how I use my art supplies pluss other cool insights.

🌟 You'll get a high resolution, procreate file form our live drawing session! WITH ALL the layers.

  • Q and A and drawing session! .

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Mindy's Moccasins


$100 PR. MONTH

🌟 WHAAAAT!? THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!! 

🌟 You'll get one A4 high quality print of your choosing from my webshop once a month, and I will personally sign it and send it to you!

🌟 All the previous tiers of course,

🌟 And my endless appreciation and gratitude! <3 

  • Artwork in the mail!

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$500 per month

🌟 AMAZING! This will be my first milestone. If I reach this goal it will help me to be able to make more LGBTQI+ children's books and queer content. 

🌟To celebrate, I will donate 50 of my children's books to different kindergardens and primary schools!! 

🌟 And you guys will of course come along for the ride 🥰
I will publish a video where I go around with the books here on patreon, two weeks before I post it on my youtube channel. Patrons ONLY will get to see all the small prep updates during the process! 

🥳 WOHOOOO! I am soo looking forward to this goal!

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